Battery Operated Surgical Drill

Bone Drills & Saw System: Bone Drill is an battery operated device, which is used by surgeons to drill holes through the bones to fix implants during orthopedic surgeries. Saw is also a medical tool used to cut through bones during surgeries. Jindal Medi Surge electric operated and Manual/Hand Drilling, Reaming and Saw Systems.

Acetabulum Reamer & Shaft

Aseptic Transfer Kit


Bone Drill Bit

Brushless Multifunctional Hand Piece

Brushless Oscillating Saw Medical


Craniotomy Drill Mill System

Craniotomy Drill

Drill Bur

Dual Function Cannulated Drill

Dual Functional Bone Drill [small AO Interface]

Dual Functional Electric Bone Drill

Electric Plaster Cast Saw

Flexible Reamer Drill Bit

Flexible Reamer

Handpiece Of Multifunctional System

High Torque Nip Joint Drill

Key For Drill Chuck

Medical Sternum Saw

Micro Bone Drill Machine

Micro Medical Electric Spine Drill

Milling Cutter

Sterilization Case

Mini Multifunctional Drill Saw System

Multifunctional Drill Saw System

One Function Cannulated Drill

Orthopedic Bone Drill

Oscillating Bone Saw Medical

Oscillating Saw Surgery

Roating Micro Oscillating Saw

Saw Blade

Surgical Bone Drill

Surgical Oscillating Saw

Surgical Reciprocating Saw

Transform Adapter

Battery Operated System Catalogue-JMS.pdf

Battery Operated Surgical Drill Catalog

Surgical Battery Drills Product List -JMS.pdf

Battery Operated Surgical Drill Product List