XL-Intramedullary Nailing System

Antegrade Femoral Nail (Left and Right)

Subtrochanteric Proximal Long Nail (135°)

Subtrochanteric Proximal Long Nail (135°)

Femoral Proximal Interlocking Nail 135°

Universal Tibial Nail

Universal Femoral Nail

Unreamed Humeral Nail

Short Femoral Nail with Proximal Femoral Hole

XL-Solid Tibial Nail

Solid Tibial Nail

Lag Screw for Femoral Proximal Interlocking Nail

Cyrus Nail

Anti-Retrograde femoral Nail

Interlocking Bolt

6.5mm Cancellous Locking Screw

Locking Head Screw

Interlarence/ACL Screw

Herbert Screw

Locking Spacer