PFNA Proximal Femoral Nail

PFNA Nail-Short - 130° - Length 170mm

PFNA Nail-Short - 130° - Length 240mm

PFNA Nail-Long 130°

Locking Bolt 4.9mm Self Tapping

PFNA Helical Blade

End Cap with Set Screw

Radiolucent Jig for PFNA - 130°

Conical Bolt for PFNA

Threaded Protection Sleeve for PFNA 11.0mm Reamer & PFNA Blade

Trocar with T-Handle 11.0-mm Ø

Guide Wire Sleeve for 2.5mm x 850mm Long Wire (use with Protection Sleeve 16.5mm)

Protection Sleeve for 4.9mm Locking Bolt

Drill Bit Plain Shank 4.0mm x 300mm Long

Drill Sleeeve for 4.0mm Drill Bit

Depth Gauge for PFNA

Threaded Screw Driver for PFNA Blade

Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip for 4.9mm Locking Bolt

Graphic Measuring Scale

Depth Gauge with 150mm Long Sleeve

Guide Wire 2.5mm x 850mm Plain

Threaded Guide Wire 3.0mm x 500mm Long

Plastic Medullary Tube

Proximal Entry Reamer 16.5mm for PFNA

Drill Sleeve for Proximal Reamer 16.5mm

Socket Wrench - 10mm

Cannulated Awl

PFNA Reamer 11.0mm - Length 380mm

Guide Wire Sleeve for PFNA Blade Ø - 3.0mm

T-Handle Quick Coupling

Hammer Guide

Detachable Slide Hammer 400mm gms.

Bone Hammer 200Gms

Impacting Device for Hammer