Spinal Instruments

We at Jindal Medi Surge use research to create Orthopedic and Trauma Spinal Surgery Instruments in a wide range. Affordable generic orthopedic instruments are used in surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of human skeleton and its soft tissues. Over the years we have won the trust of healthcare professionals and patients across the world. A wide range of our products ensures that people get almost everything required under one roof. We provide Instruments made from medical grade Stainless Steel.

Inner Lock Nut Holder Stardrive - T30

Rod Template

T-Handle Screw Driver - T30

Rod Template

Compressor Plier

Distractor Pler

Rod Rotation Holder

Power Grip with Release

T-Shape Quick Coupling Handle

Straight Drill 4.0mm

Develop Needle Holder

Curved Probe

Straight Probe 3.5mm

Straight Quick Coupling Handle

Rod Bender

Rod Pusher

Straight Probe 2.5mm

Modular Awl

Torque Wrench

Quick Coupling Tap 4.5mm

Quick Coupling Tap 5.5mm

Quick Coupling Tap 6.5mm

Quick Coupling Tap 7.0mm

Rod Rotation Wrench

Monoaxial Reduction Screw Driver

Polyaxial Reduction Screw Driver T25 Stardrive

Monoaxial Screw Driver

Polyaxial Screw Driver T25 - Stardrive

Reduction Forceps

Straight Holt Probe

Curved Holt Probe

Develop Needle - Cylindrical

Develop Needle - Sphere