Mini Fragment Instruments

These instruments manufactured by Jindal Medi Surge are used for trauma / orthopedic surgeries related to small bones . All instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel & are precisely engineered.

Drill Bit Quick Coupling End

Drill Bit - Plain Shank/Jacob Chuck End

Bone Tap with T-Handle

Bone Tap Quick Coupling End

Counter Sink - Q.C. End - 5.0mm (for 1.5 & 2.0mm Screws)

Double Drill Sleeve - 1.5/1.1mm

Double Drill Sleeve - 2.0/1.5mm

Double Drill Sleeve - 2.7/2.0mm

Hollow Reamer for Removal of Damage Screws Small - for 2.0 & 2.7mm Screw

Mini Hexagonal Screw Driver with Sleeve (for 1.5mm & 2.0mm Screw)

Mini Depth Gauge

Mini Self Retaining Retractor for Fingers

Mini Self Retaining Retractor for Metacarpals

Mini Self Retaining Retractor for Metacarpals with Hinge

Mini Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide - for 1.5mm Drill Bit

Mini Plate Bender (Pair)

Mini Plate Holding Forceps

Mini Plate & Bone Holding Forceps

Mini Reduction Forceps Serrated

Mini Reduction Forceps Pointed

Mini Periosteal Elevator

Mini Chisels

Mini Hohmann Retractor