Hip Prosthesis Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge manufactures Hip Prosthesis Instruments used for Hip replacement / trauma surgeries. All instruments are preciously engineered and made from medical grade stainless steel.

Rasp for Austin Moore - Standard Stem

Rasp for Austin Moore - Narrow Stem

Rasp for Thompson - Standard Stem

Rasp for Thompson - Narrow Stem

Murphy Lane Bone Skid

Moore Hollow Chisel

Moore Hollow Chisel with Fibre Handle - Standard

Moore Hollow Chisel with Fibre Handle - Extra Large

Judet Auger Extractor

Measuring Gauge for Prosthesis

Impactor - Nylon Faced

Impactor - Nylon Faced, Large Tip

Extractor with Two Hooks

Spare Hook for Extractor of Bipolar Stem