DHS / DCS Instruments

DHS/DCS Instrumentation manufactured by Jindal Medi Surge is used in trauma / orthopedic surgeries related to DHS/DCS Plates & Screws. All the instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel & precisely engineered.

Threaded Guide Wire 2.5mm

DHS Angle Guide - 135°

T - Handle with Quick Coupling

Direct Measuring Device

DHS Triple Reamer

Wrench for DHS Screws

DHS Impactor


Centering Sleeve for DHS Tap

Centering Sleeve for DHS Wrench

Coupling Screw for Inserting DHS Screw

Guide Shaft for Coupling Screw

Long Coupling Screw for DHS Screw Removal

Stylet 2.5mm

Holding Device for 4.5mm Drill Sleeve

DHS/DCS Instruments Set in Graphics Box

DCS Triple Reamer

DCS Angle Guide -95°

DHS Triple Reamer - Short Reamer

DHS Angle Guide - 130°

DHS Angle Guide - 140°

DHS Angle Guide - 150°

Variable Angle Guide - Angle - 130° 135° 140° 145° 150°

DHS/DCS Wrench for One Step Insertion

Cannulated Connecting Screw for DHS/DCS

Guide Wire Sleeve for 2.0mm Wire

DHS/DCS Implant Box with three Trays for DHS/DCS Screw & Plates

Drill Sleeve for 4.5mm Cannulated Drill Bit