Bone Drill & Wire Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturer of bone drilling & wire instrumentation used in trauma surgeries, all the instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Universal Bone Drill with Gears

Wire Tightener with Two Pegs

Wire Tightner Cum Twister

Guide Wire Introducer with Four Pegs

Circlage Passer

Circular Wire Cutter (Capacity up to 3.0mm)

K. Wire Bender

Wire Passer - Small

Wire Passer - Medium

Wire Passer - Large

Plier Cum Wire Bender

Plier Cum Wire Bender Cum Wire Cutter - 6''

Plier Cum Wire Bender Cum Wire Cutter - 9''

Plier Cum Wire Bender Cum Wire Cutter -11''

Wire Cutter - Double Action, Length - 250mm

Large Pin Cutter Capacity 3.0mm to 6.0mm

Flat Nose Plier

Steinmann Pin Introducer With Chuck & Key

Spare Chuck & Key

Spare Key for Drill Machine

Spare Chuck for Drill Machine

Spare Key for T - Handle

Steinmann Pin Holder

Steinmann Pin Holder Extra Large

Bone Awl with Eye

Reamer - Perthes, 18.5cm

Tripple Drill Guide

Pegs for Wire Tightener