Bone Cutting Instruments

Jindal Medi Surge manufactures high quality bone cutting instruments used mainly during trauma / orthopedic surgeries, the edges are precisely made for smooth cutting of the bone. All instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel.

Bone Cutting Forceps - Straight (Double Action)

Bone Cutting Forceps - Curved (Double Action)

Bone Nibbler - Straight (Double Action)

Bone Nibbler - Curved (Double Action)

Bone Nibbler - Angular (Double Action)

Tuder Edward Bone Cutting Forceps

Amputation Saw

Finger Saw

Bone File - Half Round - Pointed

Bone File - Flat

Chisels with Fibre Handle

Osteotome with Fibre Handle - Staight

Osteotome with Fibre Handle - Curved

Gouge with Fibre Handle - Straight

Gouge with Fibre Handle - Curved

Bone Currette - Double Ended

Bruns Bone Currette with Fibre Handle