Bipolar Prosthesis Instruments

Hemi-arthroplasty means a half replacement joint operation. This occurs in cases of the so called femoral head necrosis, e.g. after fracture of the femoral neck. In these patients the surgeon may remove only the diseased femoral head and replace it with an artificial ball of the same dimensions. We offer to our clients superior quality artificial head which articulates with the healthy cartilage in the socket (acetabulum) of the hip joint. Jindal Medi Surge ball component is precision engineered and due care is taken that it has a equal diameter as the removed femoral head.

Judet Auger Extractor

Measuring Gauge for Prosthesis

Impactor - Nylon Faced

Impactor - Nylon Faced, Large Tip

Femoral Extractor with Two Hooks

Spare Hook for Extractor

Rasp with Tommy Bar for Bipolar Prosthesis

Trial Cup

Pencil Reamer - for Bipolar Prosthesis

Tapered Reamer - for Bipolar Prosthesis

Slotted Reamer - for Bipolar Prosthesis

Bipolar Trial Stem

Impactor - Extractor for Bipolar Prosthesis

Holder/Pusher for Trial Cup

Detachable Slide Hammer for Impactor - Extractor to with use (904.133)