Small Fragment Implants

Jindal Medi Surge are actively engaged in manufacturing wide range of orthopedic implants and instruments thereby enabling us to offer small fragment implants and instruments also. Under Small fragment implants, we manufacture, cortical screw, cortical screw self tapping, cancellous screws short threaded, cancellous screws fully threaded, washer for cancellous screws, one third tubular plate with collar, calcaneal plate, one third tubular plate, dcp plate, small t plate, straight pelvic reconstruction plate, clavicle plate, curved reconstruction plate, small t plate oblique angled for right and left radius, y reconstruction plate, lcp-dcp, cloverleaf plate and hook plate. In addition, we also manufacture instruments for small fragment including drill bit – quick coupling end, bone tap quick coupling end, drill bit – plain shank, bone tap with t-handle, hexagonal screwdriver, small plate bender, plate bender for reconstruction plate, small depth gauge, quick coupling handle, counter sink with t-handle, quick coupling adaptor for drill bit, tap sleeve, guide wire introducer with four pegs, k. wire bender, wire passer, plier cum wire bender, flat nose plier, triple drill guide, wire cutter, steinmann pin introducer with s.s chuck & key, bone awl forceps, hohmann retractor and much more. All Implants are available in Medical Grade S.S.316L, LVM, Ti. Alloy.

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Ø - 20 T.P.I

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Ø Short Thread

Cortical Screw 3.5mm Ø Self Tapping - 20 T.P.I

Cancellous Screw 4.0mm Ø Full Thread

Washer for 4.0mm Cancellous Screws

One Third Tubular Plate with Collar

Cancellous Plate 3.5mm

One Third Tubular Plate 3.5mm

3.5mm DCP Plate

Small T-Plate, Right Angled Head 3 Holes

Straight Pelvic Reconstruction Plate 3.5mm

Clavical Plate - for 3.5mm Screws

Curved Reconstruction Plate 3.5mm

Small T-Plate, Oblique Angled for Right & Left Radius

Y-Reconstruction Plate

LC-DCP for 3.5mm Screws

Cloverleaf Plate

Hook Plate 3.5mm

Small T-Plate Right Angled Head 4 Holes

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Self Tapping

Cortical Screw 4.5mm

Malleolar Screw 4.5mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø 16mm Thread

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø 32mm Thread

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø Full Thread