Pins, Wires & Staples

Jindal Medi Surge's Pins are used in fixation of fractures where minimal bone and soft tissue damage are involved, they provide provisional fixation leaving room for additional hardware placement. The provisional fixation is planned to avoid faulty permanent fixation. Depending on the diameter, pins may also be used as guide wires for cannulated screw fixation. Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturer's of widest range & sizes of Wire Implants, used in various trauma/orthopedic surgeries. All Wires are made from S.S.316L raw material. Jindal Medi Surge's Staples are used for fragment fixation, where inter-fragmental screw fixation is difficult. They are an effective internal fixation method and are widely used in foot and ankle surgery. The staples are also used in fixation of soft tissues to bone.

Stainless Steel Suture Wire

Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip

Threaded Kirschner Wire

Steinman Pin

Centrally Threaded Steinman Pin

Cerclage Wire with Loop

Staple - U - Type

Staple - Coventary

Drummer's Wire

Threaded Guide Wire

Gigli Saw Wire

Ilizarov Wire

Olive Wire

Front Threaded (Schanz Screw)

Cancellous Front Threaded Pin (Schanz Screw)