Large Fragment Implants

Jindal Medi Surge's Large Fragment Implants and Instruments are used to fix fractures of various long bones, such as Humerus, Femur and Tibia. These are also used in fixation of Periprosthetic fractures, Osteopenic bone and fixation of Non-unions or Malunions in adult patients. Large Fragment System comprises Safety Locking and Standard implants and instruments.The Plates are classified according to their functions. All implants are available in S.S.316L, LVM & Ti. Alloy.

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Ø - 14 T.P.I

Malleolar Screw 4.5mm

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Self Tapping

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø 16mm Thread

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø 32mm Thread

Straight Reconstruction plate 4.5mm

Cancellous Screw 6.5mm Ø Full Thread

LC-DCP for 4.5mm Screw Narrow

LC-DCP for 4.5mm Screw Broad

4.5mm DCP Plate Narrow

Semi-Tubular Plate Heavy Duty 4.5mm

4.5mm DCP Plate Broad

T - Plate 4.5mm

T - Buttress Plate 4.5mm

L - Buttress Plate 4.5mm

Condylar Buttress plate 4.5mm

Fibular Distal Tibia Bone Plate

Distal Femur Bone Plate

Tibial Distal Tibial Bone Plate

Large Washer

Threaded Kirschner Wire

Steinman Pin

Centrally Threaded Steinman Pin

Cerclage Wire with Loop

Lateral Tibial Head Buttress Plate 4.5mm

Stainless Steel Suture Wire

Stainless Steel Suture Wire on Plastic Spool

Kirschner Wire with Trocar Tip

Spoon Plate

Cobra Head Plate 4.5mm

Hook Plate 4.5mm with DCP Hole

Trocanter Plate

Calvical Plate