DHS/DCS Implants

Jindal Medi Surge are Leading OEM / Brand Exporter of Orthopedic Centering Sleeve For DHS Tap, DCS Plates (Dorsal Column Stimulators Plate) 95, DHS Plate (Dynamic Hip Screw Plate), DHS Barrel Plate, DHS And DCS Screw and DHS DCS Implant Tool Box from India. All Implants are available in S.S.316L, LVM & Ti. Alloy.

DHS Barrel Plate

DCS Plate DCP Hole 95°

DHS/DCS Compression Screw


DHS Plate 135° with Collar

DHS Double Angled Barrel Plate 120° DCP Hole

Locking - DHS - 135° Long Barrel

5.0mm Locking Head Screw

Cortical Screw 4.5mm Ø - 14 T.P.I