Universal Clamp External Fixator

To meet the requirements of the clients we are involved in offering an extensive range of Aesculap Clamp. Jindal Medi Surge products are quality tested by our highly skilled professionals in accordance to the international standards. These are used in while doing surgery in fractured bones and are very reliable. These are available in market at feasible prices.

Large Rod to Pin Clamp

Large Rod to Rod Clamp

Front Threaded Pin 4.5mm Ø

Front Threaded Pin 5.0mm Ø

Large Fixing Element for 8.0mm Ø Rods with Threads

Large Fixing Element for 8.0mm Ø Rod without Thread

Large Fixing Element for Shanz Pin: 4.5/5.0 without Thread


Spacer - Plastic Thickness: 4.0mm

Allen Bolt

Allen Key 5.0mm

Hex Screw Driver - L-Bend

Compression Distraction Device

Tubular Rod 8.0mm Ø - S.S.

Carbon Fibre Rod 8.0mm Ø

Shanz Pin Introducer

Triple Trocar Set with Handle

Drill Bit - S.S. Quick Coupling End

Small Rod to Pin Clamp

Small Rod to Rod Clamp

Connecting Rod 4.0mm Ø

Front Threaded Pin (Shanz Pins)

Small Fixing Element for 4.0mm Rod with Thread

Small Fixing Element for 4.0mm Rod without Thread

Small Fixing Element for shnaz Pins 1.5/2.0/2.5mm without Thread

Spacer - Small Thick 1.0mm

Allen Bolt Length: 15mm

Allen Key 3.0mm

Carbon Fibre Connecting Rod 4.0mm Ø

Small Compression Distraction Device

Double Sleeve 2.5/4.0mm Ø

Drill Bit Quick Coupling End