Tubular External Fixator

The external fixator is one of the mainstays of operative fracture treatment. It allows "local damage control" for fractures with severe soft-tissue injuries and can be used for definitive treatment of many fractures as it provides relative stability, which results in healing by callus formation. External fixation is an essential part of damage control surgery in polytrauma as it permits rapid stabilization of fractures with minimal additional (surgical) injury. Deformity correction and bone transport are also possible with external fixation. There are various methods of internal fixation for the treatment of fractures, but at certain times it is inappropriate to perform internal fixation as primary treatment. External fixation has Less damage to the blood supply of the bone, Minimal interference with soft-tissue cover, Rapid application in an emergency situation, Stabilization of open and contaminated fractures, Fracture reduction and stable fixation adjustable without surgery, Good solution in situations with high risk of infection or established infection; less experience and surgical skill required than for standard ORIF, Bone transport and deformity correction possible. All Fixators are made from Medical Grade Stainless Steel & Titanium Alloy.

Single Pin Clamp

Single Pin Clamp (Delux)

Double Pin Clamp

Connecting Clamp

Twin Adjustable Clamp

Transverse Clamp

Hybrid Right Angle Clamp

Hybrid Straight Clamp

Tube-to-Tube Clamp

Clip on, Self Holding Clamp

Compression Distraction Device

Shanz Pin Introducer

Connecting Rod 5.0mm Diameter 200mm Long

Spanner - 11mm

T - Wrench - 11mm

Box Spanner - 11mm

Triple Trocar Set with Handle

Sleeve with Handle for 6.5mm Cancellous Shanz Pin

Carbon Fibre Rod 11.0mm Ø

Tubular Rod 11.0mm Ø

Cancellous Front Threaded Pins 6.5mm Ø

Front Threaded Pins (Schanz Screws)