Ring Type External Fixator

External Fixator Ring Type device is a specialized form of external fixator, a circular fixator, modular in construction. Stainless steel / Carbon Fiber rings are fixed to the bone via stainless heavy-gauge wire (called "pins" or Kirschner wires). The rings are connected to each other with threaded rods attached through adjustable nuts. Jindal Medi Surge are pioneer in OEM & Brand manufacturing of the said devices, available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber & Titanium Alloy

Half Ring

Half Ring Carbon Fibre

5/8th Ring

5/8th Ring Carbon Fibre

Italian Femoral Arch 90°

Italian Femoral Arch 120°

Italian Femoral Arch Carbon Fibre

Multi-pin Fixation Clamp

Single Pin Fixation Bolt

Oblique Support with Thread

Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod Slotted

Telescopic Rod

Graduated Telescopic Rod

Post Female

Post Male

Hinge Female

Hinge Male

Hinge 90°

Short Connection Plate

Short Connection Plate Carbon Fibre (ADULT)

Connection Plate with Threaded End

Twisted Plates

Curved Plate - 3 Holes


Threaded Socket

Ilizarov Wire with Bayonet Point

Ilizarov Wire with Trocar Point

Olive Wire with Bayonet Point

Olive Wire with Trocar Point

Olive Wire with Bayonet Point (Single Piece Olive)

Olive Wire with Trocar Point (Single Piece Olive)

Wire Fixation Bolt - Cannulated

Wire Fixation Bolt - Slotted

Cannulated Bolt with Female Thread in Head

Wire Buckle

Conical Washer - Couple

Connection Bolt

Nut - 10mm

Square Nut

Nylon Insert Nut

Flat Sided Washer

Slotted Washer

Spacing Washer

Wrenchoqube - Female

Wrenchoqube - Male

Hinge Joint

Hybrid Right Angle Clamp

Hybrid Straight Clamp

Spanner - 10mm

Angulated Wrench for Slotted & Cannulated Bolts - 10mm

Box Spanner - 10mm


Wire Tensioner - Dynmomentere