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Plate Bending Instruments

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Jindal Medi Surge's has the widest range of Plate Benders used for bending the Plate Implants to match the shape of the bone. All items are made from Stainless Steel.
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4301.0701 Mini Plate Bender - Pair
4302.010 Small Plate Bender - Pair 
4302.020 Large Plate Bender - Pair

4302.030 Plate Bending Plires Roller Type

4302.040 Plate Bender for 2.7mm Reconstruction Plates
4302.050 Plate Bender for 3.5mm Reconstruction Plates
4302.060 Plate Bender for 4.5mm Reconstruction Plates

4302.070 Plate Bending Press
4302.0701 Plate Bending Press (Special quality) works with all plates

4302.080 Bending Plier For Plate 2.4 to 4.0mm, Length 230mm