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Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail Instruments

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Kuntscher Nail Instruments manufactured by Jindal Medi Surge as made from Medical Grade Stainless Steel & are preciously engineered to be used for trauma / Orthopedic surgery related to Kuntscher Nails.
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4384.004 K. Nail Setting Device

4384.002 K. Nail Driver

4384.006 K. Nail Extractor with Two Hooks

4384.008 K. Nail Measuring Gauge
4384.0081 K nail Scale
4384.0081B K nail Scale (aluminium blue color)
4384.0082 K nail + drill, reamer scale
4384.0082B K nail + drill, reamer scale (aluminium blue color)

4384.010 Diamond Pointed Awl 

4384.012 Guide Wire for K. Nail 2.5mm for 6 & 7mm Nails
4384.014 Guide Wire for K. Nail 3.0mm for 8 & 9mm Nails
4384.016 Guide Wire for K. Nail 4.0mm for 10 & 11mm Nails
4384.018 Guide Wire for K. Nail 4.5mm for 12 & 13mm Nails

4384.020 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 6mm
4384.022 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 7mm
4384.024 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 8mm
4384.026 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 9mm
4384.028 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 10mm
4384.030 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 11mm
4384.032 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 12mm
4384.034 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 13mm
4384.036 K. Nail Reamer Dia. 14mm

4384.040 Spare Hook for K.Nail Extractor 
4384.042 Slide Hammer for K -Nail Extractor Set

4384.050 Locking Pliers, Large

4384.060 Extraction Rod with Hammer for Pliers