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Gauges & Handles

Contact UsJindal Medi Surge's has the widest range of gauge & handles used in various orthopedic / general surgeries. All items are made from medical grade stainless steel.

ITEM    /    CODE
4306.040 Quick Coupling Tap Handle - Long, T - Type 
4306.030 Quick Coupling Adaptor for Drill Bits 

4306.020 Quick Coupling Handle Fibre Handle 
4306.010 Quick Coupling Handle T-Type 
4309.000 Screw Holding Forceps
4303.0101 Mini Depth Gauge 
4303.010 Small Depth Gauge 
4303.020 Large Depth Gauge
4303.0201 Depth Guage 4.5mm
4303.030 UHN Depth Gauge
4303.040 Large Depth Gauge for Locking Bolts