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Kirschner Wire

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Jindal Medi Surge's Kirschner Wire Smooth With Trocar Tip Both End are used in fixation of Bone fractures, for Bone Reconstruction, for Skeletal Traction in alignment of long bone fractured segments, Temporary fixation, Intramedullary fixation of Ulna & Clavicle. These are also used as Guide pins & Wires for insertion of implants. A great advantage is the possibility of Percutaneous placement. Kirschner Wire Threaded With Trocar Tip Both End are used in fixation of Bone fractures, Bone Reconstruction, Skeletal Traction, Alignment of long bone fractured segments, Temporary fixation, Intramedullary fixation of Ulna & Clavicle.
CODE    /    ITEM
4185.101 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 70mm
4185.102 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 100mm
4185.103 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 150mm
4185.1031 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 300mm
4185.1032 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 310mm
4185.108 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 70mm
4185.109 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 100mm
4185.110 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 150mm
4185.1101 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 300mm
4185.115 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 100mm
4185.116 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.1161 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.1162 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.117 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.1171 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 300mm
4185.1172 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 310mm
4185.121 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 100mm
4185.122 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 150mm
4185.123 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 225mm
4185.1231 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 300mm
4185.126 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 100mm
4185.127 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 150mm
4185.1271 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 175mm
4185.1272 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 200mm
4185.128 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 225mm
4185.1281 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 300mm
4185.1282 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 310mm
4185.1283 Dia. 1.3mm, Length 150mm
4185.1284 Dia. 1.3mm, Length 300mm
4185.131 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 100mm
4185.132 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 150mm
4185.1321 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 175mm
4185.1322 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 200mm
4185.133 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 225mm
4185.1331 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 300mm
4185.14 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.1401 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 175mm
4185.1402 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 200mm
4185.141 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.142 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 300mm
4185.1421 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 400mm
4185.146 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 150mm
4185.1461 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 175mm
4185.1462 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 200mm
4185.147 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 225mm
4185.148 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 300mm
4185.1481 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 310mm
4185.1482 Dia. 1.7mm, Length 150mm
4185.1483 Dia. 1.7mm, Length 300mm
4185.150 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 150mm
4185.1501 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 175mm
4185.1502 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 200mm
4185.151 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 225mm
4185.152 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 300mm
4185.1521 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 310mm
4185.1522 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 400mm
4185.1523 Dia. 1.9mm, Length 150mm
4185.1524 Dia. 1.9mm, Length 300mm
4185.156 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.1561 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.1562 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.157 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.158 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 300mm
4185.1581 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 310mm
4185.1582 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 400mm
4185.1583 Dia. 2.1mm, Length 150mm
4185.1584 Dia. 2.1mm, Length 300mm
4185.1585 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 150mm
4185.1661 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 175mm
4185.1662 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 200mm
4185.167 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 225mm
4185.168 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 300mm
4185.176 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 150mm
4185.1761 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 175mm
4185.1762 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 200mm
4185.177 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 225mm
4185.178 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 300mm
4185.1781 Dia. 2.4mm, Length 150mm
4185.1782 Dia. 2.4mm, Length 300mm
4185.186 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.1861 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 175mm
4185.1862 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 200mm
4185.187 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.188 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 300mm
4185.1881 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 310mm
4185.196 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.1961 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.1962 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.197 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.198 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 300mm
4185.1981 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 310mm 

4185.1982 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 70mm
4185.1983 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 100mm
4185.1984 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 150mm
4185.1985 Dia. 0.8mm, Length 300mm
4185.1986 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 70mm
4185.1987 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 100mm
4185.1988 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 150mm
4185.1989 Dia. 0.9mm, Length 300mm
4185.1990 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 70mm
4185.1991 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 100mm
4185.1992 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.1993 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.1994 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.1995 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.1996 Dia. 1.0mm, Length 300mm
4185.1997 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 100mm
4185.1998 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 150mm
4185.1999 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 225mm
4185.2000 Dia. 1.1mm, Length 300mm
4185.2001 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 100mm
4185.2002 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 150mm
4185.2003 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 175mm
4185.2004 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 200mm
4185.2005 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 225mm
4185.2006 Dia. 1.2mm, Length 300mm
4185.2007 Dia. 1.3mm, Length 150mm
4185.2008 Dia. 1.3mm, Length 300mm
4185.2009 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 100mm
4185.2010 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 150mm
4185.2011 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 175mm
4185.2012 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 200mm
4185.2013 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 225mm
4185.2014 Dia. 1.4mm, Length 300mm
4185.2015 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.2016 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 175mm
4185.2017 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 200mm
4185.2018 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.2019 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 300mm
4185.2020 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 400mm
4185.2021 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 150mm
4185.2022 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 175mm
4185.2023 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 200mm
4185.2024 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 225mm
4185.2025 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 300mm
4185.2026 Dia. 1.7mm, Length 150mm
4185.2027 Dia. 1.7mm, Length 300mm
4185.2028 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 150mm
4185.2029 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 175mm
4185.2030 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 200mm
4185.2031 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 225mm
4185.2032 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 300mm
4185.2033 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 400mm
4185.2034 Dia. 1.9mm, Length 150mm
4185.2035 Dia. 1.9mm, Length 300mm
4185.2036 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.2037 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.2038 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.2039 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.2040 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 300mm
4185.2041 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 310mm
4185.2042 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 400mm
4185.2043 Dia. 2.1mm, Length 150mm
4185.2044 Dia. 2.1mm, Length 300mm
4185.2045 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 150mm
4185.2046 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 175mm
4185.2047 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 200mm
4185.2048 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 225mm
4185.2049 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 300mm
4185.2050 Dia. 2.2mm, Length 310mm
4185.2051 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 150mm
4185.2052 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 175mm
4185.2053 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 200mm
4185.2054 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 225mm
4185.2055 Dia. 2.3mm, Length 300mm
4185.2056 Dia. 2.4mm, Length 150mm
4185.2057 Dia. 2.4mm, Length 300mm
4185.2058 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.2059 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 175mm
4185.2060 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 200mm
4185.2061 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.2062 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 300mm
4185.2063 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 310mm
4185.2064 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.2065 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 175mm
4185.2066 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 200mm
4185.2067 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.2068 Dia. 3.0mm, Length 300mm
CODE    /    ITEM

4185.215 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.220 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 225mm
4185.225 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 225mm
4185.315 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.320 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 150mm
4185.325 Dia. 2.5mm, Length 150mm
4185.3251 Dia. 1.6mm, Length 250mm
4185.3252 Dia. 2.0mm, Length 250mm
4186.3253 Dia. 1.5mm, Length 400mm
4187.3254 Dia. 1.8mm, Length 400mm