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Staple Implants

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Jindal Medi Surge's Staples are used for fragment fixation, where inter-fragmental screw fixation is difficult. They are an effective internal fixation method and are widely used in foot and ankle surgery. The staples are also used in fixation of soft tissues to bone.
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4189.101 1.5mm Dia. 20mm x 15mm
4189.102 1.5mm Dia. 20mm x 20mm
4189.103 1.5mm Dia. 20mm x 25mm
4189.201 2.0mm Dia. 20mm x 15mm
4189.202 2.0mm Dia. 20mm x 20mm
4189.203 2.0mm Dia. 20mm x 25mm
4189.301 2.5mm Dia. 20mm x 15mm
4189.302 2.5mm Dia. 20mm x 20mm
4189.303 2.5mm Dia. 20mm x 25mm
4189.401 3.0mm Dia. 20mm x 15mm
4189.402 3.0mm Dia. 20mm x 20mm
4189.403 3.0mm Dia. 20mm x 25mm
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4190.005 5mm Step
4190.010 10mm Step
4190.015 15mm Step