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Steinmann Pin

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Jindal Medi Surge's Steinmann Pins are used in fixation of fractures where minimal bone and soft tissue damage are involved. Pins provide provisional fixation leaving room for additional hardware placement. The provisional fixation is planned to avoid faulty permanent fixation.
CODE                    SIZE
4187.32541 1.5 x 250mm
4187.32542 2.0 x 250mm
4187.25221 Dia. 2.5mm x Length 300mm
4187.25222 Dia. 2.7mm x Length 250mm
4187.3015 Dia. 3.0mm x Length 150mm
4187.3017 Dia. 3.0mm x Length 175mm
4187.3020 Dia. 3.0mm x Length 200mm
4187.3022 Dia. 3.0mm x Length 225mm
4187.30221 Dia. 3.0mm x Length 300mm
4187.30222 Dia. 3.2mm x Length 250mm
4187.30223 Dia. 3.2mm x Length 225mm
4187.30224 Dia. 3.2mm x Length 300mm
4187.3515 Dia. 3.5mm x Length 150mm
4187.3517 Dia. 3.5mm x Length 175mm
4187.3520 Dia. 3.5mm x Length 200mm
4187.3522 Dia. 3.5mm x Length 225mm
4187.35221 Dia. 3.5mm x Length 300mm
4187.4015 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 150mm
4187.4017 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 175mm
4187.4020 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 200mm
4187.4022 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 225mm
4187.40220 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 250mm
4187.40221 Dia. 4.0mm x Length 300mm
4187.4024 Dia. 4.5mm x Length 150mm
4187.4025 Dia. 4.5mm x Length 175mm
4187.4026 Dia. 4.5mm x Length 200mm
4187.4027 Dia. 4.5mm x Length 225mm
4187.40271 Dia. 4.5mm x Length 300mm
4187.40272 Dia. 4.8mm x Length 250mm
4187.5015 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 150mm
4187.5017 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 175mm
4187.5020 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 200mm
4187.5022 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 225mm
4187.5023 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 250mm
4187.50221 Dia. 5.0mm x Length 300mm
4187.50222 Dia. 6.0mm x Length 200mm
4187.50223 Dia. 6.0mm x Length 250mm
188.040 Dia 4.0mm x 225mm Length
188.045 Dia 4.5mm x 225mm Length
188.050 Dia 5.0mm x 225mm Length
188.060 Dia 6.0mm x 225mm Length