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Angled Plates

Jindal Medi Surge are manufacturers of the widest range in angled plates which are used for femoral fracture surgery. In some countries this device is still the only implant available. Blade plate usage follows the principles of restoration of the mechanical axis of the femur and compression of the fracture site if possible.The advantage of the angled blade plate is that it allows the plate to be used as the reduction device. When the surgeon places the blade plate in the distal femoral articular block in the correct position, the restoration of the correct bio mechanical axis is ensured. They are also useful in revision surgery of distal femoral fracture fixations, including previous intramedullary nail fixation. Finally it is an implant of choice for corrective osteotomies of the distal femur. All plates are avaliable in SS316L, Ti6AL4V material.