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Enders Nails

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ENDERS Nail manufactured by Jindal Medi Surge are used to fix the fracture of Neck Trochanteric and Subtrochanteric regions of Femur, Distal Femoral fractures, Tibial Shaft fractures and Proximal Humeral fractures. When these types of nails are used they will be used oposingly in pairs. The nail will be bent to provide three-point fixation. The ideal fixation points will be at the insertion site, the fracture site, and some point beyond the fracture site.
CODE    /    ITEM
4034.35.20 Length 200mm
4034.35.21 Length 210mm
4034.35.22 Length 220mm
4034.35.23 Length 230mm
4034.35.24 Length 240mm
4034.35.25 Length 250mm
4034.35.26 Length 260mm
4034.35.27 Length 270mm
4034.35.28 Length 280mm
4034.35.29 Length 290mm
4034.35.30 Length 300mm
4034.35.31 Length 310mm
4034.35.32 Length 320mm
4034.35.33 Length 330mm
4034.35.34 Length 340mm
4034.35.35 Length 350mm 

4034.40.24 Length 240mm
4034.40.25 Length 250mm
4034.40.26 Length 260mm
4034.40.27 Length 270mm
4034.40.28 Length 280mm
4034.40.29 Length 290mm
4034.40.30 Length 300mm
4034.40.31 Length 310mm
4034.40.32 Length 320mm
4034.40.33 Length 330mm
4034.40.34 Length 340mm
4034.40.35 Length 350mm
4034.40.36 Length 360mm
4034.40.37 Length 370mm
4034.40.38 Length 380mm
4034.40.39 Length 390mm
4034.40.40 Length 400mm 

4034.45.26 Length 260mm
4034.45.27 Length 270mm
4034.45.28 Length 280mm
4034.45.29 Length 290mm
4034.45.30 Length 300mm
4034.45.31 Length 310mm
4034.45.32 Length 320mm
4034.45.33 Length 330mm
4034.45.34 Length 340mm
4034.45.35 Length 350mm
4034.45.36 Length 360mm
4034.45.37 Length 370mm
4034.45.38 Length 380mm
4034.45.39 Length 390mm
4034.45.40 Length 400mm
4034.45.41 Length 410mm
4034.45.42 Length 420mm
4034.45.43 Length 430mm
4034.45.44 Length 440mm
4034.45.45 Length 450mm
4034.45.46 Length 460mm
CODE    /    ITEM

ENDERS NAIL DIA. 3.5MM -Titanium
4034.35.20T Length 200mm
4034.35.21T Length 210mm
4034.35.22T Length 220mm
4034.35.23T Length 230mm
4034.35.24T Length 240mm
4034.35.25T Length 250mm
4034.35.26T Length 260mm
4034.35.27T Length 270mm
4034.35.28T Length 280mm
4034.35.29T Length 290mm
4034.35.30T Length 300mm
4034.35.31T Length 310mm
4034.35.32T Length 320mm
4034.35.33T Length 330mm
4034.35.34T Length 340mm
4034.35.35T Length 350mm 

ENDERS NAIL DIA. 4.0MM - Titanium
4034.40.24T Length 240mm
4034.40.25T Length 250mm
4034.40.26T Length 260mm
4034.40.27T Length 270mm
4034.40.28T Length 280mm
4034.40.29T Length 290mm
4034.40.30T Length 300mm
4034.40.31T Length 310mm
4034.40.32T Length 320mm
4034.40.33T Length 330mm
4034.40.34T Length 340mm
4034.40.35T Length 350mm
4034.40.36T Length 360mm
4034.40.37T Length 370mm
4034.40.38T Length 380mm
4034.40.39T Length 390mm
4034.40.40T Length 400mm 

ENDERS NAIL DIA. 4.5MM - Titanium
4034.45.26T Length 260mm
4034.45.27T Length 270mm
4034.45.28T Length 280mm
4034.45.29T Length 290mm
4034.45.30T Length 300mm
4034.45.31T Length 310mm
4034.45.32T Length 320mm
4034.45.33T Length 330mm
4034.45.34T Length 340mm
4034.45.35T Length 350mm
4034.45.36T Length 360mm
4034.45.37T Length 370mm
4034.45.38T Length 380mm
4034.45.39T Length 390mm
4034.45.40T Length 400mm
4034.45.41T Length 410mm
4034.45.42T Length 420mm
4034.45.43T Length 430mm
4034.45.44T Length 440mm
4034.45.45T Length 450mm
4034.45.46T Length 460mm