Electric Powered Drill, Saw, Reamer & More

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Bone Drills & Saw System: Bone Drill is an electric operated device, which is used by surgeons to drill holes through the bones to fix implants during orthopedic surgeries. Saw is also a medical tool used to cut through bones during surgeries. Jindal Medi Surge electric operated and Manual/Hand Drilling, Reaming and Saw Systems.

JDU.1     Driving Unit includes Motor, Stand, Foot Control, Flexible Shaft, Tool Kit, and Oil Bottle & Special                 Container.
JCD.1     Cannulated Drill Hand piece max. speed 1200RPM & with Fixed S.S. Chuck (0-1/4”)
JRH.1     Reaming Hand piece with max. Speed 400 RPM Cannulated & AO type quick coupling
JPG.1     Pistol Grip Sagital Saw (with set of 5 blades)
JFS.1     Flexible Shaft for Driving Unit
JFR.1     Flexible Reamer Shaft 8mm dia, Fixed Head
JFR.2     Flexible Reamer Shaft for Detachable Heads up to 12mm
JRH.2     Reamer Heads from 8.5mm to 12mm (Set of 8)
JFR.3     Flexible Reamer Shaft for Detachable Heads above 12mm
JRH.4     Reamer Heads from 12.5mm to 15mm (Set of 6) 

JEP.1     Electric Plaster Cutter - Regular
JEP.2     Electric Plaster Cutter Heavy Duty