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JMS Battery Powered System can be used in Trauma Surgery, Joint Surgery, Chest Surgery & Brain Surgery. Battery system is one of power tools widely used in orthopaedic operation. Gradually replaced traditional industrial drill and saw, it can be autoclaved up to 135℃ high temperature and 1.6Mpa high-pressure. Some of bacteria can be killed by high temperature and pressure, fumigating cannot do. Meanwhile, it can shorten sterilization time. Under high temperature and high pressure, just need 20minutes, win the valuable time for the patient. The device is optional, good looking, small size, lightweight, no wires, easy to carry, safe operation. 

JRJ0110     Model Normal bone drill
Technical Data:
Non-load speed 0-1250r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Torque 5.8N/M 

JRJS0110     Exquisite Bone drill
Technical Data:
Non-load speed 0-950r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Torque 6.7N/M 
JRJ0210     Model Cannulated bone drill
Non-load speed 0-650r/min
Non-load noise ≤65dB(A)
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Torque 8.9N/M
Output Voltage 95W 
JRJS0210     Exquisite canulate drill
Non-load speed 0-650r/min
Non-load noise ≤65dB(A)
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Torque 12.5N/M
Output Voltage 100W 
JRJ0310     Model Oscillating saw
Technical Data:
Oscillations 0-18000osc /min
Non-load noise ≤75dB 
JRJ0410     Model Acetabulum burnishing drill (slow drill)
Non-load speed 0-300r/min
Non-load noise ≤65dB(A)
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Torque 16.5N/M 
JRJ1810     Model Sternum saw
Technical Data:
Oscillations 0-15000osc /min
Non-load noise ≤65dB(A)
Oscillating amplitude ≤5°C 

JRJ1510     Model Craniotomy drill
Non-load speed 0-500r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB(A)
Torque 9.6N/M
Output Voltage 95W 
JRJ1410     Micro Bone drill Price
Non-load speed 0-1100r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB(A)
Torque 2.9N/M
Output Voltage 50W 
JRJ1411     Micro Bone Saw: Price
Non-load speed 0-18000r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB(A)
Unit rise of temperature ≤30℃
Output Voltage 45W 

Micro Canulate drill
Non-load speed 0-1200r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB(A)
Torque 1.2N/M
Battery Voltage 7.2V 
JRJ-JZ-3     Micro multifunctional drill saw
Drill Non-load speed 0-1200r/min
Non-load noise ≤40dB(A)
Torque 1.2N/M
Saw Non-load speed 0-18000r/min 
JRJ1310     Electric plaster cutter saw
Non-load speed 0-11000r/min
Non-load noise ≤84dB(A)
Frequency 50Hz/220V & 60Hz/110V
Input power 115VA
Saw blades three pieces
One wrench Load & unload saw blades 
JRJ0610     Multifunctional power system
Technical Data:
Bone drill speed 0-1300r/m
Cannulated drill speed 0-600r/m
Oscillating saw 0-18000osc/m
Acetabular bone drill 0-500r/m
Craniotomy drill 0-900r/m
Craniotomy mill 0-40000r/m
Sternum saw 0-15000osc/m
Saw non-load noise ≤75dB
Drill non-load noise ≤65dB
Diameter run-out ≤0.5mm
Oscillations 0-15000r/min 
JRJ-JZ-2     Spine surgery power tool
Micro type surgical power tools: For application in spinal surgery and plastic surgery. 

Canulate bone drill
Non-load speed 0-1000r/min
Non-load noise ≤45dB(A)
Torque 3.56N/M 
Acetabular reamer & shaft
(15 pcs reamers & one shaft)
1. Cutting, reaming and drilling accessories
2. Used in joint surgery
Dimension available:
φ36mmφ38mmφ40mmφ42mmφ44mmφ46mmφ48mmφ50mmφ52mmφ54mmφ56mmφ58mmφ60mm φ62mmφ64mm 
Flexible reamer
Dimension available:
Φ7.2mm φ7.5mm φ 8.0mm φ8.5mm φ9.0mm φ9.5mm φ10.0mm φ10.5mm φ11.0mm φ11.5mm φ12.0mm φ12.5mm φ13.0mm φ13.5mm φ14.0mm 

Saw blades for oscillating saw (customized sizes are acceptable, Zimmer, Stryker, etc.)
Micro saw blades for micro hand saw 

Twist drill bits

Battery: 14.4V & 7.2V

Charger: black & white for choices
Sterilization case:
Single usage sterilization case

Multi functional sterilization case
Battery operated surgical drill & saw is made of main hand piece, charger, and battery. The whole outer skin of the hand piece is sealed. Charger is not a medical electric device. 

Main Technical Data:
  • Hand Piece 
Working Voltage 14.4V
Output Power ≥20W
Unit rise in temperature ≤25℃
  • Charger 
Input Voltage AC 220V,50Hz
Output Power 14.4V,900mA
Input Power 30VA
  • Battery 
Voltage 14.4V
Charging time About 3 hours